Food Bank

Good Generation for World – The Ethiopia Charitable Organization is a pioneer in constructing a food bank in Ethiopia, which will mark the first major significance towards eradicating hunger. Our food bank will provide the population of the country that lives in poverty a nutritious access to food, lowering hunger in the country.

To ensure this, we have created a strategic plan that will benefit Ethiopia and its population on multiple fronts. Our food banks will not only lower hunger rate in the country, but also lower food wastage, which bears a significant cost.

Our vision for food bank is to be able to create a sustainable channel to deliver food to people in need for free of cost. It will also help the people look after other people by bringing in all the excess food they have, which can be used to feed people living in underprivileged conditions. Food banks do not directly distribute food to the people, but via other charitable organizations that works towards similar causes.